Castle Falls 

In the name of research…

I convinced my husband to go canoeing with me last month. My new series, Castle Falls, is about three brothers who build canoes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, so I decided it would be a good idea to take one for a “test drive”, so to speak!

It has been years since I’d been out on the river in a boat WITHOUT a motor. After The Summer of the Weddings (more on that later!), I was looking forward to some peace and tranquility and the opportunity to take some great photographs to pin on the bulletin board in my office when I needed inspiration.


he morning started out perfect. Cup of coffee. Fresh bakery. Sunshine (for me) Nice breeze (for my husband!).

We start out and think, THIS ISN’T SO BAD.

Except we’re going in CIRCLES. Because I’d forgotten something kind of important. The person in the BACK of the canoe is supposed to steer. Something my husband points out (of course he is laughing because he is used to his Type A wife) before he gets seasick. Once we get that worked out, I focus on my role (NOT trying to steer) and trust that he won’t run us aground or into the rocks. He doesn’t and we move forward and it’s…BETTER.

It isn’t unusual for God to give me a tap on the shoulder when I’m outdoors…the place I go to regroup, refocus, and recharge. And I realize how often I try to set the course…make things go a certain way…and inevitably end up going in circles! And, I admit getting a little dizzy in the process!

It reminded me that the best thing to do ALWAYS, is take a deep breath and TRUST HIM, the CREATOR. Yes, I have work to do, but it’s more about rhythm. And balance. And letting Him set the course.

The result is a beautiful journey!

God bless!