The Prodigals Christmas ReunionThe Prodigal’s Christmas Reunion

by Kathryn Springer Love Inspired December 2011 Rocky Mountain Heirs Continuity Series Book Six Paperback ISBN: 978-0373877102  

A Family’s Christmas Hope

With his entire family depending on him, Lucas Clayton reluctantly comes home just weeks before Christmas. Branded “town troublemaker” As a teen, Lucas left tiny Clayton, Colorado, and vowed never to return. But now he’s back – with a child in tow. No one is more stunned than Erin Fields, the hometown sweetheart he left behind. Commitment-shy Lucas is someone’s daddy? Before he can convince Erin he’s changed, he has to prove it to himself. And to a pint-size cowboy, who needs the Claytons – and the entire town – to make this a very special Christmas. Rocky Mountain Heirs: When the greatest fortune of all is love.  
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